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Can you give a little history of VENUS Berlin?

The VENUS Berlin has been presenting trends and innovations from the erotic and lifestyle sectors on an annual basis since 1997. With more than 250 exhibitors and about 2.000 specialist visitors from 60 different countries, it is worldwide the largest international trade fair of its kind. Covering 23.000 square metres, producers and wholesalers present their services and products from the areas of fashion and love toys, but there are also a number of other, less erotic affine manufacturers, such as drinks, furniture and providers of computer software, are represented. They all use the attention of around 32.000 consumers, who are attracted year after year to enjoy a combination of professional product information at the stands and erotic entertainment on the various stages. As the largest international specialist fair, the VENUS has been presenting trends and new products from the adult and lifestyle industries for the past 16 years. International buyers consumers, make the VENUS to an ideal sales and marketing platform for erotic products. Thanks to the unique combination of B2B and B2C, exhibitors can profit from a perfectly targeted customer designation. A large marketing budget, international stars and the high entertainment factor, attract a large response every year, and also attract more than 500 journalists to the Messehallen unter dem Funkturm.

Facts 16th VENUS:

More than 32.000 visitors, 1.900 specialist visitors and 500 press representatives
More than 2.000 reports in print and online media
More than 40 hours of worldwide TV reports
Reaching 80.000 users of Facebook and 3.000 followers of Twitter

What will we find at Venus? What is new in 2013?

There are five different areas at the Fair in which visitors can find out about the latest products, novelties and trends, collect autographs and photos, as well as see unusual shows. The Fetish branch too will be displaying the latest happenings in the market in their own area, and professional visitors will receive the exclusive opportunity to meet and chat about current developments in a separate area. And as every year fans can meet the stars of the business at the Venus – on the StarWalk, on stage, at the booths and in the audience. On top of that there will be many erotic surprises.

What names in the adult industry will be appearing?

Well known German erotic-stars like Jana B.undFuss (also known as Jana B. and Jana Bach), Mia Julia Brückner (also known as Mia Magma), Aische Pervers, Lena Nitro or Vivian Schmitt are looking forward to meeting their fans in October. International top-stars like Little Caprice, Mya Diamond, Kyra Black, Jenna Jane or Stella Stylez add international flair to the VENUS. Numerous newcomer- and amateur-stars like Meli Deluxe, Xania Wet, Maria Mia, Texas Patti, Sina Berger, Lina Lonatelo, Lilly Ladina or former bachelor-candidate Melanie Müller will also be there. We hear about new erotic stars, who will come to the VENUS almost daily.

What is a Venus Girl and what is the role of the title holder?

This year the 17th VENUS is presenting not one but two sexy VENUS Faces in the form of Sophia Wollersheim and Micaela Schäfer. As a sexy duet they take over the mantle from Gina Lisa Lohfink, and will appear from the 17th to the 20th October at the Erotic and Lifestyle Fair, showing themselves off from their best sides. What seems rather unusual at first sight turns out on closer examination to be an excellent manoeuvre: With this blond-brunette team, who could hardly be more different from one another, the organizers have succeeded in creating a contrasting programme which appeals to different target groups at the same time. While Micaela Schäfer is already an old hand in the sector and appears on the VENUS poster for the second time after her appearance in 2011, Sophia Wollersheim is treading new ground. Nevertheless, both are tremendously happy with their joint task. Micaela Schäfer left a permanent impression on all the visitors with her appearances as a VENUS Face in 2011 and as a VENUS Reporter in 2012. With her simultaneously professional and sexy manner, she inspired all of the fans at the Fair. “I’m so glad that I now have a hot blonde at my side with Sophia, someone who I very much admire for her courage in trying out something new“, stresses Micaela Schäfer. And Sophia Wollersheim is also awaiting the event with excitement. “Being presented at VENUS 2013 as one of their Faces will be a totally new experience for me. I thought about it for a bit, and then, when I heard that Micaela would be there to support me, I accepted the offer immediately“, says Sophia regarding the reason for her decision. The visitors can look forward to taking their pleasure in four days of erotic insights and sexy curves at the Fair.
How kinky is Venus?

The VENUS is not kinky. Kinkiness only gains importance in relation to moral and ethics. A lot of people think it is morally despicable to talk about sex. Also they criticize the role of women in the business. We have a small group of Christian people demonstrating in front of the VENUS fairground every year. But with more than 32.000 visitors and a growing number of women we feel a liberal spirit at the VENUS. In society sex is less of a taboo – through advertising, tv and books like shades of grey, sexual topics reach mainstream media and become part of wide public interest. More and more people from different parts of society visit events like the VENUS and search for new trends and toys etc.

Are there live demos?

Live demo is a rather vague expression. Exhibitors will show their novelties, products and services live. We have a wide range of products including movies, video technique, clothes and other lifestyle goods and services. And of course we have all different kinds of erotic shows – from strip to dildo and lesbo action. Real sexual intercourse, however, is not allowed.

Is there a gay section, as well?

The VENUS stands for all sexes and of course all legal forms of sexual orientation. Therefore the VENUS has ever since represented the gay community with its lifestyle, erotic products, novelties and trends. This year we will also have a wide range of gay exhibitors, men strip, male stars and visitors, who will all contribute to make the VENUS what it is: the biggest and most colorful European erotic event.

I heard there was wine?

As a matter of fact, a well-known wine exhibitor has always presented his wine on the VENUS over the last years. It might seem odd to some people at first sight to see wine at such a fair – next to sex toys and porn movies. But wine is a very inspiring and sensual product. The VENUS is a trade fair for trends and novelties from the areas of Erotic and Lifestyle. Therefore visitors may be surprised to find such a variety of products.

Where can our readers learn more?

Readers can visit the website and follow the VENUS on facebook. Latest news and updates can all be found there.

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