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July 1st, 2017: Ritter Butzke Berlin

Playing While Raving: Four Play Summer Edition

The trend of experimenting with various forms of sexuality in venues that are rather known for their musical program and underground nature seem to spread quickly in Berlin. Also, the Four Play party that was initiated in May 2016 as an experimental project seem to have been drawn into the sexual and the fetishist zone, and it’s unique concept allows guests to take an active part in various activities, rather than merely passively observing those.

The third Four Play party will introduce, for the first time, a dress code. So far, the Four Play avoided any definitions to what is “sexy” or “kinky” and allowed guests to interpret those terms into their own fashion choices. However, in this edition, it was decided to rule out casual streetwear and by doing so encourage guests to invest some thought into how they would like to present themselves. The summer theme allows guests great flexibility: knowing how hot and steamy it will, guests are encouraged to dress up minimally: bathing suits, lingerie or even naked would be highly welcomed.

Being first and foremost a musical project, also this edition of the Four Play remains a stage for a top musical lineup, featuring four different musical concepts on four different dance floors:

In the House Floor: Niko Schwind, Soul Button, Leon Licht, Daniel Jaeger, Juares.

In the Live Floor: Wunder Brumme (Live) signal deluxe (Live) Red Pig Flower (Live) Marion Cobretti (Hybrid).

In the Fun Floor: mondee, Saucheli.

In the Dark Floor: Kollektiv Karpfenteich, Barbara Myra & Mz Sunday Luv, Danito San.

As for the workshops and activities:

► Anna Lugosi returns with an extended Spanking Workshop that will teach you how to do it properly (hint: it’s not what you see on your favorite porn site) ►

► Maria Jiku will teach you the basics of the art of Bondage. And no, it’s not at all as easy as tying your shoelaces ►

► Melissa von Wonderland will bring an entire wardrobe, the kind you most likely do not posses at home, and will teach you how to dress differently. Our advise: leave your gender at home ►

► Evylin Frantic will walk among you and teach you several sensual tricks, most of which we are not at liberty to tell you about – we obviously don’t want to ruin the surprise ►

The activities, as well as the crowd-performers interaction, will me moderated by “The Real Housewives of Neukölln”  ►

More about the fun:

Where? Ritter Butzke, Ritterstraße 26, Berlin

When? July 1st, 2017, 23:55

What? Four Floors, Four Games

Who? Open for all, who are open for all

How? Swim Suits, Elegant, Sexy Costumes, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Naked. Anything but streetwear please!


Playing While Raving:

Four Play Summer Edition

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