An Insider’s Guide to Gay Berlin
An Insider’s Guide to Gay Berlin

Bear Riker’s Berlin

Bear Riker’s Berlin is an insider’s guide to one of the world’s most amazing cities, Berlin. We seek out venues and service providers that are English and Gay (LGBT) friendly.  And, we offer a little local advice along the way.  Whether you are planning a trip or have moved here trying to make your way around, we hope to share with you why we love Berlin.

We offer an Insider’s Guide to Gay Berlin.  Just what you needed another gay guide, right? – well, we are a little different.  We are living, working and raising our daughter in Berlin.  Which offers a unique perspective to “Gay” Berlin.  Some days we are a Rainbow Family and other days I am just a very tired dad in soccer mom shoes schlepping from clients to kita to fußball between walking the dogs and shopping at Aldi.

Gay Calendar Highlights: CSD, Folsom Europe, Teddy Awards, Easter Fetish Week, Gay Night in the Zoo and so much more…


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Berlin Gay Events
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Some of our favorites

Deutsche Oper Berlin’s Seth Carico
Gay Berlin Friday
Berlin’s BDSM Scene Walk on the Wild Side
Folsom Europe 2016
Brody Polinsky Queer Clean & Sober Tattoo Artist
Berlin’s BDSM Kink and Fetish Parties
Spencer Reed does Berlin

News, People and Events

Playing While Raving: Four Play Summer Edition
Playing While Raving: Four Play Summer Edition
June 20, 2017
FOUR PLAY SUMMER EDITION July 1st, 2017: Ritter Butzke Berlin The trend of experimenting with various forms of sexuality in venues that are rather known for their musical program a
Europe’s Largest LGBTI Career Event
Europe’s Largest LGBTI Career Event
June 11, 2017
Lesbian and gay workers belong to the future - Europe's largest LGBTI career event was a complete success The change has been successful: STICKS & STONES took place for the eighth tim...
RAHM: The world’s first LGBTI leadership contest
RAHM: The world’s first LGBTI leadership contest
June 11, 2017
We are pleased to announce Uhlala have partnered with Google to organize RAHM, the world’s first LGBTI contest. The one day contest is scheduled to take place on Friday 21st of July 2017

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