Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech Berlin

[ July 29, 2014; ] Lesbians Who Tech is a community of women in the queer community in & around tech (and the people who love them). Lesbians Who Tech is a monthly gathering of women in the queer community in and around tech (and the people who love them), chatting over drinks.  Whether you work at a tech company, [...] read more

After Dark

2012 06 17_1234

What Pride Means to Me

I vaguely remember my first Pride in NYC. Probably because I’m getting old and it’s been a long time. A more vivid memory for me is The March on Washington 1987. I was twenty something and my alternative lifestyle companions (dare I say Fag Hags) were Carol and Lynn. We packed ourselves in my Nissan Sentra [...] read more

Living in Berlin

Pay bathroom in the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

Paying to Pee

One of the notable culture shocks when coming to Berlin was the idea of having to pay to pee. Most public rest rooms in Berlin (Germany?) requires some form of payment either up front, on the honor system or an attendant lurking about a dish with a few euros on it. I am not used [...] read more


Germany Where the Sausage is King

Germany: Where the Sausage is King

With more than 1500 varieties and having had centuries to perfect the art, Germans really do know their sausages, and boy, are they proud of it. You can see – and smell – them as you walk down the streets lined with busy sausage stalls offering anything from a plain sausage to sausage burgers. #germanfood [...] read more



Zoo Palast Berlin brings back the Grand Cinema

[ November 27, 2013; ] Zoo Palast Berlin where Cinema is Magic In December 2010, the traditional Berlin Zoo Palast closed its doors. The site has undergone a fundamental transformation. The renovation of the two monumental halls in the ground and first floors and the construction of five other rooms done. The Zoo Palast will then have a capacity of 1,700 [...] read more


Scandinavian Christmas Market Berlin

Lucia Christmas Market in the Culture Brewery

Der Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt, a christmas market with a Scandinavian twist. It is located in an old brewery block called Kulturbrauerei, and it is the perfect spot to celebrate the Christmas season in Berlin. There are some 40 stalls of crafts, Christmas ornaments and textiles. Daily by 17 clock sweets are distributed by Father Christmas [...] read more